Incision Options for Breast Lift Scars

Breast Lift Scars: Incision Options for a Breast Lift Without Scars

Breast lifts are among the most common plastic surgery procedures. A breast lift can go a long way toward enhancing your appearance and improving your confidence by restoring your breasts to their previous shape and placement, or even correcting a naturally saggy chest. However, like any Houston cosmetic surgery, this procedure is not without its disadvantages, and one drawback is the appearance of breast lift scars. This post will discuss the most common types of breast lift scarring and some techniques that can help minimize or even prevent scars after Houston breast lift surgery.

What Is a Breast Lift?

Before you start worrying about scars, you first need to understand exactly what a breast lift is. In basic terms, a breast lift, also known as a mastopexy, involves lifting the breasts by surgically removing excess skin, tightening surrounding tissue and, in many instances, relocating the nipple. The combined result is an uplifted, firmer, and better-supported chest that creates a more symmetrical and youthful silhouette.

There are many reasons why women choose to undergo this type of breast augmentation in Houston, but the most common one is to counteract the natural effects of aging, pregnancy and breastfeeding, and weight fluctuations, all of which can lead to a loss of breast tissue and a sagging, deflated appearance.

Breast Lift Techniques and Scarring

Here are some of the most common incision patterns based off of the breast lift scars they create.

Anchor Scar

The anchor scar, the result of the oldest and still most common breast lift technique, is an anchor-shaped scar from the area around the nipple down to the crease under the breast. This breast augmentation anchor scar takes the shape of a small boat anchor, hence its name. The anchor lift is the most invasive breast lift technique, but it also provides the most significant results and the most effective boost.

Lollipop Scar

The lollipop scar, as its name suggests, resembles a lollipop. The surgeon makes a small incision on the breast to remove excess and sagging skin. The resulting scar moves from the nipple straight down to the crease of the breast, but it does not follow the curve of the breast as does the anchor scar. This procedure is best suited for those who need considerable lift, but not as much as might be required with the anchor lift.

Cresent/Donut Scar

Finally, there are the crescent and donut breast lift surgery scars. These similar types of lifts involve incisions around the nipples and rely on removing excess skin to create lift. Though well-suited for women who want a no-vertical scar breast lift, they only produce moderate results, and most women with sagging breasts require a more intense lift.

Breast Lift Without Scars

Two common questions you might ask when considering surgery are: can you get a breast lift without scars, and do breast lift scars go away? It’s natural to wonder about scars after breast lift and augmentation and whether it’s possible to have breast lift surgery without scars at all. The short answer is: maybe.

“No-scar” Breast Lift Options

There is a surgery called an “internal bra” that works by inserting surgical threads through tiny incisions along the collarbone. These threads go under the breast tissue and are then anchored back to the collarbone, thereby creating the effect of an invisible, internal bra. This is not a no-scar breast lift, per se. However, the resulting scars are usually tiny and very difficult to see. The downside is that this technique provides minimal lift, so it’s best suited for women with small breasts that require minimal correction.

In short, there are techniques to minimize scarring, but more invasive (and effective) procedures will produce larger scars. There’s good news, though. Scars, by definition, are permanent, but according to the Mayo Clinic, breast lift scars will soften and fade with time. They are usually easy to hide with bras and swimsuits, but poor healing can make scars thicken and widen, so be sure to follow all post-operative care instructions to ensure you have a breast lift with minimal scarring.

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